Monday, May 14, 2001

Parental help: The software below allows you to monitor, screen and block access
to anything residing on, or running in your PC, whether you are connected to the Internet
or not, and in real time. You determine what is approciate for you children to view.


Kewel Kid's   Lotsa links here! Disney on the Web
The San Diego Z00 Yahooligans  The Web guide for kids   Preschool thru Second Grade ACEkids  Cool Kid's Stuff   Visit Santa's village Online Dictionaries 140 different languages
The White House A Tour For Kids! Ask Dr. Math K-12 thru College
The Discovery Channel School House Rock
Nickelodean P.B.S. Online
Atlas of the World Math Web Site Middle School Students
The Headbone Zone Internet Movie Database
Kid's Corner Visit the Kid Art Gallery Disney's The Lion King
Chicago Children Museum Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds National Geographic
Jumbo! Kids Channel Ask Jeeves for kids Great kids search engine
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Kid Source Online Lots of information for parents

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