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Internet Express FormMail Scripting

Internet Express provides a script that has been pre-configured and tested for use on our servers. This PHP script will take the results from a form on your website and send them in an email to the address specified in the configuration file. Please look over the following information carefully, and if you have any questions or problems, please .

Right click on FormMail.php.txt and either click on 'Save Target As...' in Internet Explorer, or 'Save Link As...' in Netscape. Save the file as FormMail.php in the folder where you keep your web pages. Note the upper and lower case letters. Case sensitivity is important, and it's essential the file remains 'FormMail.php' for these instructions to work. If you would like to see the source code, it's available here.

Next, right click on FormMail.cfg and either click on 'Save Target As...' in Internet Explorer, or 'Save Link As...' in Netscape. Save the file as FormMail.cfg in the same folder where you saved FormMail.php. Again, the case of the letters in the filename is important, so make sure the file name is 'FormMail.cfg'.

Once you have both files saved to your computer, open FormMail.cfg in either NotePad, WordPad or Dreamweaver. To open the file in Dreamweaver, under 'File', click on 'Open'. There's a drop-down menu next to the cancel button. Click on the arrow and scroll down until you see 'All Files (*.*)' and choose that. You will then be able to see 'FormMail.cfg' as an option to open from Dreamweaver. Once you open the FormMail.cfg file, click on 'View' in Dreamweaver, then click on 'Code'. This will help you read the file easier.

The file should begin with:
# FormMail.cfg Copyright (c) 2001 Internet Express, Inc.
# All lines beginning with '#' are comments. Remove the # in front
# of configuration options you wish to enable.

The action of your form on your webpage should be FormMail.php. The form tag should read like this:

When you fill in the action for the form tag, make sure you give the path if FormMail.php isn't in the local directory. For example, if the html form page is in your 'main' html directory, but you save FormMail.php in /html/services, the action must read "/services/FormMail.php".

Please read through the FormMail.cfg file carefully as many options to customize this script for your site are contained in that file. Do not edit the FormMail.php file. Editing the FormMail.php file could result in the script not working.

When you have finished configuring the FormMail.cfg file, simply upload your html form page, FormMail.cfg and FormMail.php to our server with your FTP client. (FormMail.cfg and FormMail.php need to be ftp'd in text mode, not binary.)

***Please note: This script is only for use by Internet Express customers.


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