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Internet Connectivity

Dedicated 56k up to T-1 Leased Line

A leased line places your entire network directly on the Internet 24 hours a day at high speed. These lines are recommended for multi-user high bandwidth applications. A T-1 line is capable of moving data at 1.54 megs/second.
Full T-1 lines provide 12 times more bandwidth than dual-channel ISDN. Typically you can only purchase a full T-1 from the phone company. However, Internet Express allows you to purchase the bandwidth you need in fractional increments. These lines require a router and CSU/DSU to be installed at the customer site and at the Internet Service Provider.

Point-to-Point Dedicated T-1:

  12 Month*
24 Month*
36 Month*
Up to 128k $350
$ 315
128k to 256k $450
$ 405
256k to 512k $600
$ 540
512k to 768k $750
$ 675
768k to Full T-1 $1,000
Setup Fee $1,200 $600 Waived

* Prices do NOT include phone company local loop charges because those are based on mileage from Central Office. Price usually ranges from $300/mo to $500/mo with $500 installation fee.

Equipment needed:
Cisco Router w/internal CSU/DSU$1,800.00

All equipment quoted is subject to manufacturer's warranties. However, Internet Express maintains an inventory for much of the equipment we place in the field. Should you have an equipment problem, we will replace your equipment out of our inventory and handle returning the defective unit to the manufacturer on your behalf.

How much speed do I need?

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