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Network Design and Implimentation

Network Services and Support

Today's competitive marketplace requires that computers must be continually upgraded and maintained for reliability, efficiency and security. Internet Express provides a wide range of network and connectivity consulting services in addition to total network integration services. These services are designed around the needs of our customers. From a first-time network installation to a major overhaul of a wide area network infrastructure, Internet Express will handle all necessary steps to ensure that the solution we recommend and implement is a successful one.

Specific LAN/WAN services we offer include:

Detailed need analysis
Site Audits
Strategic planning
Product recommendations
Design and implementation
Full installation of networking hardware and software
Implementation of new LANs or WANs
Consolidating existing networks
Upgrading or extending existing networks
Moving to client/server network architecture
Updating applications in networked environments
Implementing new network management products and tools
Electronic mail, gateways and LAN remote access
Unix to Novell & Microsoft inter-connectivity
Remote diagnostics and remote support
Web server design & implementation (Intranet)

Internet Express offers practical experience and specialized skills in data, Internet connectivity, e-mail, LAN and WAN technologies. Proficiency in these fields allows us to answer the needs of our clients for networks and remote connectivity access.

Networking Definitions

Local Area Network (LAN): A network is a group of computers which communicate with each other and share resources such as software, data files, printers, fax machines, mail, etc. There are two main types of Local Area Networks, a peer-to-peer network and a client/server network.

Client/Server Network: This is the most common type of network environment. A Client/Server network has two primary elements, a file server and a workstation.

File Server: A file server is a central machine that can manage files, applications, printing, storage, and security on the network.

Workstation: A workstation is a personal computer (PC) that is attached to the network. The PC's make use of the resources that are attached to the network through the server.

Peer-to-Peer Network: Sharing of information between client workstations without a server.

Resource sharing: PC's that are attached to a network can share CD-ROM's, modems, fax machines and printers. Persons working on the same project can share files. Updates to a project are readily accessible to everyone who needs them. Information of virtually any kind can be stored on a computer network. Years of old records can be scanned into computer files, organized and stored. Archived files that are needed for future reference can be retrieved and printed by LAN users.

Telecommuting: Telecommuters (employees who work from remote locations) can access the corporate LAN with the use of a phone line and a PC that is equipped with a modem. Remote offices can be linked together to form one virtual LAN.

Network Security: Network security is an added benefit of having a LAN. Login Ids can be required before access to LAN resources is permitted. Password restrictions, such as length, age and uniqueness, can also be imposed. Time restrictions can be implemented to prevent users from accessing the network at specific times. Further, access to data can be restricted to those who the network administrator has given access rights to.

Data Integrity: Data integrity is an important part of any network. An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is a battery that provides power to a file server in the event of electrical brownouts or blackouts. Without a UPS, power failures can cause irreparable damage to server components and data. Tape Backup systems are used to make copies of data residing on a file server. These copies are stored on tapes, and can be used to retrieve data that has either been deleted accidentally or lost due to a system failure.

Wide Area Network (WAN): With a WAN, corporate networks are able to communicate outside of their buildings using leased lines, wireless technology or the Internet.

Network Diagram and Documentation

Companies today rely very heavily on their servers and networks for daily operations. Network downtime equates to significant loss of productivity and profitability. Accurate documentation is critical in order to diagnose and repair a downed network in the shortest amount of time possible. For this reason, Internet Express offers 3 levels of network diagramming and documentation which are billable at $110 per hour* as follows:

Management View:
Diagram of overall network topology including documentation of:
- operating system
- number and types of servers, clients, printers and other network devices
- included with Level 1 and Level 2 Network Service Agreements
Time estimate:
- 15 minutes per network device
- minimum of 5 hours

MIS View:
Diagram with top-down view of physical locations of network devices with network addresses including documentation of:
- type of hardware (ex. Pentium, 16 meg ram, etc.)
- software programs running on each machine
- any network devices attached to machine (ex. printers)
Time estimate:
- 1 hour per network device

System Engineer View:
Diagram as done in MIS View with floor plan
Physical inventory and documentation of all network devices
Toning and documentation of each cable drop
Category testing of each cable
CDROM of digital images of each network device
Time estimate:
- 3 hours per network device
- 5 cable drops can be tested per hour

Updates to diagrams and documentation will be done at customer's request and billable at $110 per hour*.

*Assumes work is done between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. After hours
work will be billable at 1 1/2 times the normal rate.

Network Service Agreements

Internet Express offers semi-annual maintenance agreements for basic computer maintenance, network server maintenance and local/wide area network maintenance. Our staff is experienced in network implementations of many sizes from a small peer-to-peer workgroup to large networks consisting of several hundred drops in a multi-platform client/server environment.

We will support your network and computers to ensure maximum availability of your resources. Our maintenance and support contracts for servers, network devices and desktop computers provide guaranteed response times based on the severity of your problem. Our maintenance agreements include such work as network setup and configuration, file and printer access, Internet configuration and support and general network support to maintain the network as it is currently configured in good working condition. Internet Express will also work with any industry specific application vendors to resolve any problems related to the network.

Our 20 and 40 hour service agreements include an extensive preventative maintenance component that allows us to proactively manage each network to avoid failures and outages before they occur. Specifically, we provide a detailed quarterly examination of network performance. This examination will include visual inspection of all network components (servers, hubs, modems, routers, etc.), examination of server log files and pertinent statistics and a general health check to assess overall network performance. In addition, we will maintain documentation of all critical network nodes, including a Management View network diagram (see Network Diagram and Documentation), and develop network documentation in a bound report to help us provide quick, accurate resolution to any problems that might occur. A copy of this report will also be provided for clients use.

Internet Express will diagnose and repair defective hardware. Internet Express will work with you to obtain all parts under any manufacturer's warranty still in effect. If no warranty is in effect on the failed equipment, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the equipment as needed.

The preventative maintenance program includes general preventative maintenance of each computer twice per year. Each six month check-up shall include visual inspection of all parts and external connections, and completion of a general PC health check using software provided by Internet Express as part of this agreement.

Internet Express will also provide advice and recommendations regarding technology strategies to management. This will include recommendations on critical software and hardware upgrades, meeting with appropriate staff to determine general computer needs, and assistance with staff training and technology implementation issues.

Internet Express network service agreements consist of choosing a monthly guaranteed block of hours and designating the priority of a call at the time a work order is requested. Surcharges will apply to Priority 1 and Priority 2 calls. The description and scope or the maintenance plans are detailed below:

Priority 1:
· 1 hour guaranteed response telephone call back
· 4 hour guaranteed response on-site support if needed
· Provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
· Production network is completely down, causing critical impact to business operation if service is not restored quickly.
· No workaround is available.
· Internet Express and Customer are willing to commit substantial resources around the clock to resolve the situation.

Priority 2:
· Guaranteed response within 4 hours for telephone support
· Guaranteed response within 24 hours for on-site support if needed
· Provided during business hours 8:00am to 6:00pm, M-F.
· Production network is severely degraded, impacting significant aspects of your business operations.
· No workaround is available.
· Internet Express and Customer are willing to commit substantial resources during business hours to resolve the situation.

Priority 3:
· Same day response telephone call back
· Network performance is degraded
· Network functionality is noticeable impaired, but most business operations continue
· Customer requires information or assistance on product capabilities, installation or configuration

Calls will be assumed to be Priority 3 unless specified otherwise.

Networking Services:

Hourly Consulting (8:00am to 6:00pm)

$110 per hour - Network/System Administration

$125 per hour - Security/Firewalls/Routing

Emergency, weekend and off hours are charged at 1 ½ times the normal rate

unless previously agreed upon.

Holidays are charged at twice the normal rate.

Two hour minimum for on-site consultations.

Consulting/Technical Support Agreements (Network/System Administration):

Block of Hours Priority 3 Calls Priority 2 Calls Priority 1 Calls

25% Surcharge 50% Surcharge

No hour commitment

Extra hours

$ 0

$ 110 per hour

Not Available

Not Available

5 hour commitment

Extra hours

$ 500 per month

$ 110 per hour

Additional $25.00/hr

$ 137.50 per hour

Additional $50.00/hr

$ 165.00 per hour

10 hour commitment

Extra hours

$ 900 per month

$ 110 per hour

Additional $22.50/hr

$ 137.50 per hour

Additional $45.00/hr

$ 165.00 per hour

20 hour commitment

Extra hours

$1,500 per month

$ 110 per hour

Additional $18.75/hr

$ 137.50 per hour

Additional $37.50/hr

$ 165.00 per hour

40 hour commitment

Extra hours

$2,600 per month

$ 110 per hour

Additional $16.25/hr

$ 137.50 per hour

Additional $32.50/hr

$ 165.00 per hour

  • See Network Support Agreement packet for details on distinguishing Priorities

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