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Internet Express Firewall Server

Prevent unauthorized intruders from entering your network over the Internet using the most effective and practical security technology available - a security firewall - to keep confidential information secure. With Internet Express' Firewall Server, you can take full advantage of the Internet's wealth of features while simultaneously safeguarding your network's integrity.

Internet Express' Firewall Server uses IP Masquerading and Transparent Proxy to secure your private network from the Internet without the need for complex configurations on your workstations. In addition, use this firewall "server" has many capabilities typical firewalls do not. The Internet Express Firewall Server is an Intel based server running a UNIX operating system which also allows for configuration of any of the following:

· e-mail server
· web server
· ftp server
· file/print server
· dhcp server
· DNS server

These additional capabilities allow you to get more functionality out of the same equipment at a fraction of the cost of putting in a separate server to handle these functions.

The Internet Express Firewall Server comes pre-configured with two ethernet cards or one ethernet card and a modem or ISDN terminal adapter. These firewalls can be used with all types of connections from a dialup 33.6 modem connection to a full T-1.
It allows access to all the Internet services you need while maintaining the highest degree of Internetnetwork security available.

With these firewalls, you can control every packet that passes through your network based on the type of protocol that the packet is "riding" on. The most common are smtp (e-mail packets), http (web site packet) and ftp (file transfer packet). You can also control these packets based on a per user basis. For instance, you can allow the networking department of your company to have access to all Internet applications while the accounting department only has access to e-mail. The servers are completely configurable based on your organizations needs.

There is no such thing as absolute security when your network is connected to the Internet. However, there are several levels of security that can and should be implemented based on your companies needs and budget. A cost/benefit analysis should be done to determine which firewall best suits your needs. Internet Express provides the following options (prices do not include hardware):

Option 1: IP Masquerading Firewall&&&&&&&&&. included with firewall server
- allows everything to go out from your network but nothing to come in.
- single point of attack in a breach of security.
- network machines all have internal IP numbers that are not routable on the Internet. Therefore, even if there is a breach of security on your firewall machine or it has an equipment failure, your internal machines are still unreachable from the outside.
- least configurable and least expensive.

Option 2: IP Masquerading Firewall with IP forwarding firewall installed&& . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,000.00
- needed if you need to have secure access to internal machines on your network from the Internet for such things as an e-mail or web server that resides on an internal machine.
- uses port redirection to send a specified protocol (e-mail or web) to a machine on the inside. Still leaves that internal machine open to exploits on any ports being redirected.

Option 3: Gauntlet Firewall &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&... . . . . . .$13,000.00
- this firewall is similar to Option 2 in the way that it works except that instead of doing a general port redirection to an internal machine, it takes the requests, "holds" them, and then sends it's own request to the internal machine. This protects the internal machine from being attacked because there is no direct contact with that machine from outside the network.

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