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Website Promotion Process

  1. Evaluation of existing website:

    Internet Express will evaluate your existing site for content and programming changes and will run a report of your existing search engine ranking.

  2. Choose keywords and phrases:

    Once you decide on a web promotion package, we will work with you to determine the one or two phrases that we will focus on in order to effectively optimize your website. Through careful research, we have discovered that the "number" of keywords isn't nearly as essential as "which" keywords are focused on. Our services include determining the best combination of keywords and phrases that are true for your company, are attainable based on the volume of competition in your industry and will result in an increase in your ranking with the search engines. Broad, general keywords do not work well. They give a vague idea of what you're promoting, but they don't tell the visitor why your site is better than your competitors'. Using concise, specific keywords are more likely to bring the type of visitors you want.

    For example, a company that specializes in selling "fancy" pet food for exotic pets may use keywords that emphasize the exotic pets portion of their site. A problem could occur if a visitor stumbled across the site while doing a research paper on foreign birds. The birds, as a promotion, may have been listed separately and focused on instead of food sales, but this visitor isn't interested in buying food. This visitor simply wants a picture of an Amazon Parrot to impress his instructor. Although the site may be listed high for "exotic birds" and the traffic through the seach engines may be wonderful, the actual sales of food supplies from the site may not increase.

    We have found that one or two specific keywords or phrases is the limit to properly optimize the focus of your site. If there is a broad, general nature to your site that can't be summarized in only two keywords or phrases, we do have other options to explore, however, these options are not as effective as choosing one or two keyword phrases and willb e much more expensive.

  3. Optimization of the web site:

    Once your keywords and phrases have been agreed upon, Internet Express will optimize your website around those phrases.
    Our optimization includes:

    • Fine tuning of HTML coding
    • Revising or forming correct Meta tags
    • Researching keywords to assure that you are using correct terms/phrases
    • Comparing you to your high ranking competition to find what they are doing that you are not doing
    • Properly placing keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site
      - which may include changes to the design of your site
    • Correct and up-to-date search engine submssion, Directories, link programs and classifieds, for full optimization

  4. Submission to search engines:

    Included with your package, Internet Express will submit your website to over 8,000 sites including search engines, directories and link programs for 3 months.

  5. Follow-up Reports:

    After 3 months, Internet Express will run reports of your current search engine ranking to demonstrate improvement. Most people will see search engine ranking increases within two weeks of implementation, some take up to 8 weeks. It depends on how often the various search engines index their requests. Some search engines index only once every two months, while others index every couple of days.

  6. Maintenance:

    Internet Express conducts on-going research to determine the best way to get top search engine ranking before presenting options to you. We want to assure that you are getting the most for your money. As the search engines change their criteria for placement, it may be necessary to update your site to meet these new requirements. Should this happen, Internet Express will update your site for $150.00. You will be notified as we discover any such changes.

Warning about frames: and Flash

Keep in mind when creating your website that search engines have a difficult time indexing webpages with frames. Stay away from frames if at all possible. If you are determined to use frames, DO NOT use them on your home page, and if possible, leave some other web pages frameless so that they are easy for the search engines to index.

If your site has a Flash splash screen or Flash on your Home Page, we will need to do additional work to circumvent that at an additional cost. We will inform you of these costs before we begin our website promotion process.

If you are interested in Website Promotion for your site, please send an email to for more information.


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