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ADSL - Small Business
(Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)

Internet Express now offers two options for Small Business DSL service, GLite and ADSL. For an even larger area of service, please look over our business IDSL pricing.

Small Business Packages Features:
  - Transparent Web-Caching
  - Can run mail server
  - 10 e-mails


Through our sister company, AscendTel, we offer G.Lite service in Moline, Rock Island, East Moline, Milan, Colona, Green Rock, Silvis, Peoria, Galena, Davenport, Bettendorf and Dubuque. This technology offers services to areas formerly unable to receive high-speed ADSL access. As part of your service agreement, Internet Express/AscendTel will install a separate phone line into your business that will be used exclusively for Internet access (there will be no phone number assigned to this new line). Internet Express G.Lite service offers the additional advantage of having one point of contact for your service. You will receive one bill from Internet Express, which will include the telephone company's charges for the DSL line and you will have one place to call for technical support.

Click here to see if you qualify for Internet Express G.Lite service

If you have any further questions about DSL, please consult our DSL FAQ.

Speed Price
AscendTel Up to 384k / 256k $   50
AscendTel Up to 768k / 256k $   60
AscendTel Up to 1.2M / 512k $ 160
Extra Fees
Truck Roll (if required) $  120 #
On-site installation $  T & M - $  90 / hr.
Telco Installation $  200 *
Internet Express Setup Fee $  100 **
G.Lite Router $  200
* Telco Installation is reduced by 50% for 12 month contract and waived for a 24 month contract.

** Internet Express fee is waived for a 12 month or 24 month contract.

# Small Business truck roll includes necessary labor, up to 2 hours, to take circuit from the NID to a location specified by user and includes up to 150 feet of Category 5 cable and one RJ-45 jack. Does not include configuration of computer, installation of network cards or installation of any other hardware. Any time needed above the 2 hours or 150 feet will be billable at $60/hour. Workstation configuration falls under Network Consulting services.

Business customers are eligible for G.Lite service if:

  • they have no more than one server on their network which will be providing mail services to Internet clients.
  • they have no other servers on their network running Internet services.

Any of the following devices or services, if present on the network, will render the customer's network incompatible with small-business G.Lite service:

  • Unable to have line-shared services on an existing telephone line.
  • Additional routing or firewalling devices of any kind (e.g., Cisco PIX; ethernet-to-ethernet router).
  • Devices requiring Port Address Translation or Port Forwarding (FTP Server, Web Server, VPN Router, etc.). Can run mail server.
  • Incoming VPN connections of any kind (VPN server behind the DSL line).
  • Any service requiring more than one public IP address.

Outgoing VPN connections may work, depending on the type of VPN, but we do not guarantee that our G.Lite service is VPN compatible and recommend SDSL/IDSL for all customers who plan to use VPNs with their DSL connection.

Common Internet services that are affected by G.Lite service limitations include mail servers (SMTP), web servers (HTTP), remote server administration software (VNC, PCAnywhere, Citrix, others), or VPN servers (PPTP, IPSec).


Internet Express also offers ADSL through Qwest in Davenport, Bettendorf, Blue Grass and Muscatine. With Internet Express' ADSL service through Qwest, you will receive a bill from Qwest for your DSL circuit and a bill from Internet Express for your Internet access. You may use an existing Qwest telephone line for this service and will be able to use this line for voice and Internet use simultaneously.

ADSL Packages (Qwest - available only in Iowa):
Prices do not include Telco charges.

Speed Price
Qwest DSL 256 (256/up to 256) $35
Qwest Pro 640 (640/up to 640) $50
Qwest Pro 1 Mbps (1Meg/up to 1Meg) $75
Setup Fee $100
Additional IP#'s $10 ea.

If your business requires a true Business-Grade DSL connection versus ADSL, which is geared more toward residential usage, please look over our SDSL/IDSL information.


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