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How Much Speed Do I Need?

There are many different options for accessing the Internet. The option your company chooses will depend upon several factors, including, how many users need access, what the users will be doing or what applications they will be using and where the users will be accessing from. Obviously, with so many choices, the decision can be very confusing.

Understanding your bandwidth requirement is the first step in making an intelligent connectivity decision. Bandwidth, simply put, is the number of bits per unit time that can be carried across the link. The basic units of bandwidth measurement are Kbps or Mbps (kilo and mega-bits per second). Bandwidth connectivity requirements are determined by two key factors:
1) The type and volume of data moving across the line, and
2) The number of simultaneous users.
For example, a 56Kbps connection, could easily serve 50 or more users if the traffic consists primarily of e-mail access. If , however, even a small percent of those users begin browsing the Internet, performance could drop significantly.

What are the options?
Analog modem
This type of connection is at speeds up to 33.6 bps and is recommended for stand-alone computers or networks with light traffic.

56K modem (flex, x.2, v.90)
This type of connection is somewhat deceiving and very dependent on the phone company's switches, which cannot be controlled by the end-user or the Internet Service Provider. This is an assymetrical connection which means that the upload speed and download speed are different. The maximum download speed, under required conditions, is 53kbps while the maximum upload speed is 33.6kbps. In order for this technology to work, there can only be one analog to digital conversion between the end-user and their Internet Service Provider. If the phone company's switch is not digital or converts your signal on route to the ISP, the maximum download speed is restricted to 33.6kbps. For a diagram of how 56k technology works, please see

No matter what type of connection you choose, Internet Express will take care of the details, including installation of the line and purchase and configuration of any equipment needed. Your network is monitored continuously by our computers to ensure maximum "up-time". We are on call to support this service 24 hours per day through our advanced paging service.

Internet Express is a full service Internet access provider specializing in Internet solutions for business. Our goal at Internet Express is to make our customers aware of their access options and to help them determine the appropriate option based on their needs.

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