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Support and Maintenance

Networking Services:

Hourly Consulting (8:00am to 6:00pm)
$110 per hour - Network/System Administration
$125.00 per hour - Security/Firewalls/Routing

Emergency, weekend and off houres are charged at 1-1/2 times the normal rate unless previously agreed upon.
Holidays are charged at tywice the normal rate.
Two hour minimum for on-site consultations.

Consulting/Technical Support Agreements
(Network/System Administration.):

Block of Hours Priority 3 Calls Priority 2 Calls
25% Surcharge
Priority 1 Calls
50% Surcharge
No hour commitment
Extra hours

$ 0
$110 per hour
Not Available Not Available
5 hour commitment
Extra hours

$500 per month
$110 per hour
Additional $25.00/hr
$137.50 per hour
Additional $50.00/hr
$165.00 per hour
10 hour commitment
Extra hours
$900 per month
$110 per hour
Additional $22.50/hr
$137.50 per hour
Additional $45.00/hr
$165.00 per hour
20 hour commitment
Extra hours
$1500 per month
$110 per hour
Additional $18.75/hr
$137.50 per hour
Additional $37.50/hr
$165.00 per hour
40 hour commitment
Extra hours
$2,600 per month
$ 110 per hour
Additional $16.25/hr
$137.50 per hour
Additional $32.50/hr
$165.00 per hour

See Network Support Agreement packet for details on destinguishing Priorities

Preventative Maintenance Component:
(not deducted from monthly committed hours)
- Included with 20 and 40 hours service agreements
- Network traffic analysis for 1 day a quarter - Internet Express will place a computer on your network for 1 day that will log all network traffic. After the computer is picked up, the logs will be analyzed and you will be given a general "traffic report" and advised of any unusual or problem traffic.
- Visual inspection of all network components (servers, hubs, modems, routers, etc.), examination of server log files and pertinent statistics
- Documentation maintained on all critical network nodes, including a Management View network diagram (see Network Diagram and Documentation)
- Spot checking of backup tapes

Initial agreements will be re-evaluated after 3 months to be sure that the plan your company has chosen is the best solution for your networking needs. Subsequent contracts will be for 6 months. Plans can be upgraded at any time with 30 days notice. Up to 20% of unused contract hours can be carried over to a subsequent month. At no time may the amount carried over exceed one month's contract hours.

Non-emergency, agreed upon work done outside of normal business hours will be billable at contract rates with no surcharges. All customers with network support agreements will be given higher priority than customers without network agreements in place.

Work on Unix systems, firewall programming and routing work will be billable at $125 per hour.

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